Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its Official!

React! Records will be releasing our "Growing, Changing, Healing" EP this spring! We couldnt be happier!

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Praise is not a religious band, Praise is a Straight Edge band. In the fall of 2007, I was staying with Andy in Baltimore and spent a night discussing life, hardcore, new bands, 7 Seconds, and Straight Edge. Andy brought up that he had a couple of songs written for his previous band and sooner or later would like to use them for a new band. After discussing the ideas behind the music and lyrics I knew that Andy was going to create something special and we agreed that whenever it comes together REACT! would put it out. For almost two years Andy worked on finding the right line-up but time, distance, and life kept things from coming together. But finally in September of 2009 Praise was solidified with Michael Clarke and Colby Malone on guitar, Chris Bavaria on bass, Daniel Fang on drums and Andy Norton on vocals.

In January 2010 the band, with their good friend Kevin Bernsten, entered the studio and recorded the band’s d├ębut EP “Growing, Changing, Healing” which will be released on REACT! this spring. Musically this incredible 4 song EP draws influence from Battery, Turning Point, Civ, Gorilla Biscuits, and 7 Seconds, yet maintains a character all of it’s own. Lyrically Andy focuses on reflection and personal growth, as well as encouraging people to recognize their own ability to create change in our world. Pre-orders will be starting in March.

React! doing lots of great stuff this year!

In 2009 the Maryland Straight Edge powerhouse Mindset played with fury all over North America, including breakout sets at both the Sound & Fury and This Is Hardcore Festivals, in support of their unbelievable “R E A L P O W E R” EP. Never following in line, and never slowing down, Mindset have grown to become one of the most uplifting and powerful bands of our time, and I’m proud as hell to announce that on Monday January 25th we will be launching the pre-order for their new EP entitled “Time & Pressure”. This new 6 song 7” delivers the same urgency and passion that Mindset is known for, but with lyrics and song writing that show a marked growth and evolution. This EP also marks the first recordings that Dan (drums) and John (guitar) have laid down with the band, and the results have been nothing short of inspiring. Two new songs CREATE/CONTROL and WASTE have been posted on our myspace page, and two additional songs have been posted on the Mindset page as well, so check them out now and get your head straight!

The pressing is limited to 200 on WHITE VINYL, 400 on RED VINYL, and 900 on BLACK VINYL and each copy will also include a digital download code as well as all the good stuff you’ve come to expect from REACT! We will also have a couple of new merch designs as well as some package deals so be ready for Monday January 25th and until then hit up the REACT! and Mindset myspace pages:

**PLEASE NOTE** These orders are launching REALLY early due to the insane release schedule we have this year, the upcoming Mindset/True Colors tour, and the showcase in April. We haven’t even gotten the test presses back yet, so please don’t order if that’s a bum out for you. I really appreciate the support and know that it sucks to wait, so if you do choose to order we’ll make sure you get a little treat before the orders ship. That being said, anyone who orders and then starts to send me a bunch of emails is just going to get a refund and no records. Logic bomb.


The band that started it all for REACT! are back! Get the Most have completed their new 10 song LP entitled “Together” which will be released on REACT! this spring. With an incredible demo and two already classic EPs, Bubs assured us that “Together” will deliver the same fast paced energetic sound that the band is known for, with some surprises thrown in as well.

This will be the first proper full-length that REACT! will release so it’s fitting that it’s by the band that inspired me to start the label. Pre-orders will be starting in March, and you can be sure that we’re going to be going all out for this release. Until then make sure to check out their Myspace page and show support for these master killers:


I’m happy to announce that Betrayed will be releasing our new EP entitled “Suffering” on REACT! this spring. Lyrically focusing on overcoming our own grief and easing the suffering of others, this 4 song EP documents the band still maintaining the urgency of their youth and showing the world that straight edge hardcore is not defined by age. Pre-orders will go up in March and until then you can check out the myspace at:

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