Monday, February 22, 2010

Preorders are up!

Stop by to preorder the Praise "Growing. Changing. Healing" EP!
The song "healing" can be heard here

Also we recommend ordering a ticket for the CroMags show if you havent yet!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

React! Showcase!!!

7 Seconds (one of the true greats of hardcore)

Betrayed (“Suffering” EP out soon on REACT!)

Mindset (only California date of the “Time & Pressure” US tour)

Get the Most (“Together” LP out soon on REACT!)

ON (“Double Vision” LP out now on REACT!/Reaper/Powered)

Punch! (Bay Area hardcore at it’s finest, s/t LP out now on 625 record)

Common Cause (“Statement of Purpose” LP out soon on REACT!)

Keep It Clear (Vancouver Straight Edge, s/t EP out now on Kram/NJW records)

NAILS (“Unsilent Death” LP out soon on Six Feet Under/Street Cleaner records)

True Colors (final US show, “Rush of Hope” LP out now on Six Feet Under)

Circles (“Lay of the Land EP out now on Silly Girl records)

Gone But Not Forgotten (“Seattle Crew” EP out now on REACT!)

Not Sorry (“Moving On” EP out now on Lifeline and Salad Days Records)

Praise (“Growing.Changing.Healing” EP out soon on REACT!)

Damages (“Unrequited” EP out soon on REACT!)

Secret People (Bay Area hardcore)

924 Gilman St.
Berkeley, CA 94701

APRIL 9th $10.00
April 10th $12.00

Travel Tips/Suggestions/Recommendations

You can fly into either San Francisco International (SFO) or Oakland International (OAK) airports. Oakland is actually closer to Berkeley, where the REACT! Showcase is being held, but we would suggest you base your decision on cost. Depending on where you are flying to/from, it may be cheaper to go to one or the other.

Ground Transportation
San Francisco/The Bay Area has just about the best public transportation system in the U.S. Rental cars are really not a necessity, but if you just need to have that sense of freedom that comes with a vehicle, by all means, rent one, but do try to carpool. It cuts down on costs and emissions. If you want to check out public transportation options and route maps, these are the two main options:

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) –

AC Transit (Rapid Buses) -

Berkeley is sort of strange for lodging. There must be some wicked zoning requirements because major hotel chains are all but forbidden from establishing themselves within city limits. With that said, we have partnered with five area hotels/motels for the Showcase and negotiated lower rates for all of you traveling from afar. Simply call the hotel directly via the phone number below, mention the “REACT SHOWCASE” and you should get the room rate that is posted. These negotiated rates are in limited quantities, so make your reservations now! The rates are available on a first come, first served basis, and when they’re gone, they’re gone, so get on it. I’ve tried to list out most of the pertinent details to help you make your decision, but if you need any additional help, you can email

They are in order of recommendation. The Doubletree Hotel is the most “corporate” of the bunch, and if you are in a band traveling with merch/instruments or plan on walking back from Lanesplitters at 2am, this is the hotel for you. On the other hand, if you are all about the bottom line, you can stay at the Golden Bear Inn for $75 a night. Other than the Doubletree, most of the hotels in Berkeley are considered “Inns” and they may only have 40 rooms in the entire property, so again, MAKE YOUR RESERVATION EARLY.

Doubletree Hotel 510.548.7920
Star rating: ***1/2
Trip Advisor rating: 3
Fest rating: A+
REACT! negotiated rates, single/double: $99/$99
Total number of rooms: 378
Pros: nice hotel, close to Gilman
Cons: wireless internet $9.95 a day (but free in the lobby)

La Quinta Inn 510.849.1121
Star rating: **
Trip Advisor rating: 3
Fest rating: A
REACT! negotiated rates, single/double: $69/$79
Total number of rooms: 108
Pros: close to Gilman, free breakfast, free wireless internet

Roadway Inn 510.848.3840
Star rating: **
Trip Advisor rating: 4.5
Fest rating: A-
REACT! negotiated rates, single/double: $84.95/$94.95
Total number of rooms: 41
Pros: free breakfast, free wireless internet
Cons: Not super close to Gilman

Golden Bear Inn 510.525.6770
Star rating: **
Trip Advisor rating: 2
Fest rating: B+
REACT! negotiated rates, single/double: $65/$75
Total number of rooms: 40
Pros: the cheapest option, closest to Gilman
Cons: doesn’t have the best reviews

Holiday Inn Express 510.548.1700
Star rating: **
Trip Advisor rating: 3
Fest rating: B
REACT! negotiated rates, single/double: $109/$109
Total number of rooms: 69
Pros: close to Gilman
Cons: priciest option

The following hotels aren’t really recommended by the showcase organizers, but they are an option if the ones above all book up, although that is unlikely. We don’t have negotiated rates with them, and they are the three farthest from Gilman, but I’m guessing you’re an adult and you can make your own decisions.

Berkeley Travelodge 510.843.4262
Berkeley Vista Inn 510.841.4242
Super 8 Berkeley 510.841.3844

Berkeley is VERY vegan/veggie-friendly. Most of these restaurants, however, are located closer to the UC-Berkeley campus and further away from Gilman. Depending on your definition of “walking distance,” many of these restaurants will be within a 1 to 2 mile radius of the venue. A map with options and suggestions will be posted closer to the showcase date.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out, and we'll see you at the showcase!