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June 2011

Hello everyone,
-Not a lot has been going on. We have a show tomorrow in Silver Spring with Mother of Mercy, Stick Together, Turnstile and Mob Mentality. As of now thats our only show for the summer. We are working out some details for a couple weekends over the summer to the Northeast and hopefully midwest.

-If you havent heard we are playing This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia in August. We are playing Friday with Token Entry, Title Fight as well as a ton of other great bands.

-There have been a bunch of delays with the "Two Songs" single. The test presses we got sounded awful so we have to send them back BUT the new tests sound great so the record is being pressed as we speak and should hopefully be out by the end of the month.

-We are currently writing for an LP that we hope to start recording for this winter.

Peace & Solidarity,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Massive Update!

Lots going on here at Praise HQ!

-"Two Songs" is up for preorder on the React! Website. I am not quite sure what colors are left but there are shirts available too!

-California was great. Special thanks to Betrayed and Fell To Low

-We have some leftover shirts (limited sizes) from the West Coast Weekend available in the bigcartel.

-There is a quick little interview on the React! Blog our good friend Jimmie did with us.

-We have two shows coming up. Check out the fliers below. The May 20th show will be the "Two Songs" record release and the May 1st show will be recorded live so come out and party!

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